Scrip program:

Scrip in a nutshell: participating businesses donate a percentage of sales to our school. In order for it to work, you have to pre-buy via a gift card/certificate through us. It’s a win-win situation. You get the full amount of value in goods, Song Garden gets a percentage of sales.

Here’s how it works: you buy a gift card/certificate through Song Garden to shop at participating businesses e.g. New Seasons, Costco, Safeway, Fred Meyer, REI and more. If you buy $50 worth of Scrip at Fred Meyer’s, you get a gift card to purchase $50 worth of goods. Each business offers a different percentage that they donate, but in this case it would be 4% or $2 which would go directly to Song Garden. The more participation the better for our school, so friends and family are encouraged to participate as well.

Click here for Scrip ‘frequently asked questions’ or here for the order form/list of participating businesses which includes the percentage amount that each business donates to the program.
The money raised from Scrip directly supports our school community by enabling us to offer tuition assistance, while also helping to cover expenses such as hiring substitute teachers and supporting ongoing professional development for teachers.

If you choose to participate in the Scrip program, please return the completed order form by the deadlines listed below and make checks payable to ‘Song Garden’.

Next Scrip collection dates:
Mon. Sept. 7th
Mon. Oct. 5th
Mon. Nov. 2nd
Mon. Dec. 7th

Past Fundraisers:

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