For Parents

garlandsThe parent body is key to our work in supporting their children’s growth and development. All-school events such as potlucks, the Lantern Walk, the Winter Spiral and May Day bring everyone together and build a sense of belonging to the community.

Parent conferences (individually with their teacher) and Parent Meetings (the whole class and teacher) provide updates and insights into the classroom while offering opportunities to share collective knowledge and experience around how to best meet the needs of the children.

All parent involvement is on a voluntary basis and because we are a non-profit organization the success of the school is the result of a combined effort between parents and teachers. There will be some requests for support during the school year i.e. setting up special events, being a chaperone on a field trip, gardening and helping with the school laundry etc.

Our volunteer board of directors is made of teachers, parents and friends of the school.