Special Activities

puppetStorytelling & Puppet shows

Story time holds a special place in our weekly rhythm. Classic nursery tales and age-appropriate stories from around the world are told orally and later adapted into puppet shows. Many children learn the stories by heart and are encouraged to join in the telling. Some stories are even suited for dramatic reenactments once the class has become familiar with the tale. Inspired children will often create their own stories and puppet shows using toys from the classroom during indoor free-play.





IMGP4373Music Time

Many children have an innate love for music and movement. Music time at Song Garden explores the pure joy of music, movement, percussion and song in a playful group setting.

Both Ms. Nina and Mr. Owens have an extensive background in professional music. Our repertoire includes many classic and contemporary children songs accompanied by acoustic guitar, mandolin and fiddle.



gardenGardening From Seed To Harvest

There are many parallels between the growing child and the growing plant as they both reveal the magic of unfolding and development.

In the Spring the children sow a variety of seeds into small pots and nurture them with warmth, light and moisture. Next, the seedlings are transplanted into organic garden beds interspersed with companion flowers to encourage beneficial insects. When ready, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, snap peas, kale and more are harvested and eaten at snack time or added to the weekly soup; giant pumpkins are carved for Halloween. Children will often try food straight out of the garden that they may have otherwise ignored when they participate in the growing process.