“My daughter has been going here for preschool and summer camp for 3 years now. The teachers are experienced, professional, nurturing and encouraging. The school is Waldorf-inspired so there is a lot of time for creative, open-ended play. The small class size of 8 means that the teachers really get to know your child and give them personalized attention. On top of it all, the tuition cost is much lower than comparable programs.” Review on ‘Great Schools’ website www.greatschools.org

“I always went away from parent meetings with some useful information that I looked further into at home. It is so fun to hear what goes on in the classroom” Parent, 2010-12

“The creative, nurturing and rhythmic environment at Song Garden has helped our daughter blossom into an imaginative, thoughtful and joyful girl who is well prepared for Kindergarten. We are so grateful to have found this school with its amazing teachers and lovely community of parents.” Review on ‘Angie’s List’

“I always felt my child was safe and happy at Song Garden being nurtured along in the deepest way. The communications sent via email and written did a great job keeping everyone in the loop and on board. I loved the park and going outside daily, rain or shine. My daughter was exposed to lots of music and song and the festivals were really special. The teachers understand how to create ceremony and build community.”  Parent, 2011-13

“Our experience at S.G. exceeded our wildest expectations. I wouldn’t change a thing. I felt like the teachers struck the right balance of structured and unstructured play. At parent meetings I really enjoyed the art projects and opportunity to commune with the teachers and other parents.
I feel the school was instrumental in developing important qualities in our daughter such as respect for herself and others, trusting in others so as to form meaningful friendships, imaginative play and wonder at the natural world. As parents we were also given tools we needed to foster these developments. Thank you! What has been very important and apparent to me is that you both really love the children and the work you do with them.”  – Parent of two students between 2009-2013

“We were often amazed and appreciative of your levels of dedication to the children. At parent meetings it was a treat to get insight into the classroom life.”  Parent, 2010-13

“Nina and Bryan have created such an outstanding and nurturing environment where our son gets to enjoy each and every single day. My family …. would highly recommend it to any parent who is looking for preschool for his/her child.”  Parent, 2009-13

“We sent our daughter here for 2 years before she started Kindergarten and I can’t say enough about what a wonderful experience it was for all of us. Nina, Bryan and Megan have created a magical, safe, and lyrical space for young children to explore and enjoy.  While I’m sure our daughter was developing some important social and cognitive skills, the thing that most struck me was the simple sense of wonder that she would come home with every day.

Throughout the year Song Garden hosts seasonal festivals, rituals, and gatherings that include the entire family.  These have become such beloved traditions in our family that we plan to keep attending even though we are past preschool age.

Nina and Bryan also have periodic parental meeting where we could learn more about classroom activities, individual development, and allow us to ask any questions or air other concerns.  These were great opportunities to trade parenting tips with other new parents, and we picked up a number of great techniques.  The greater Song Garden community became an excellent support network for us, and provided us with an increased sense of parental confidence.

In the end we were sad to see our daughter “graduate” out of pre-school; but we are so pleased with her growth during this period and we are confident she has the skills to thrive in her future environments.” Review on Yelp,  www.yelp.com

“Our daughter has been going to Song Garden since she was 2.5. It is a non-profit organization with tuition much lower than comparable programs and generous financial aid. The head teachers, Ms. Nina and Mr. Owens, have taught extensively in other Waldorf schools before opening Song Garden and their experience and wisdom are easily apparent. They are loving and nurturing while being firm. Our daughter has thrived in the environment they have created and has grown into a more creative, respectful and responsible child. She will be going to Abernethy this fall and I feel that Song Garden has more than prepared her for the upcoming experience. Fortunately, we are not leaving the wonderful Song Garden community since our younger daughter will be starting in the 2 yr old class.” Review on Yelp

“ I have been a member of the Song Garden community since 2009.  My elder daughter attended the school for three years, and my younger daughter has just started her first year with them.  If I were pressed to describe the school in one word, that word would be ‘wholesome.’  The teachers teach the children the importance of neatness and order. It was only the first or second week after school had started that my younger one came home after school, and much to our surprise tidied up her room without prompting, singing a little song she had made up that went “clean my room, clean my room…”  They teach the children respect for each other both with instruction and by modeling it themselves. They practice gratitude by, for example, giving thanks before meals and snacks, as well as having the children participate in the snack-making.  And, as a non-denominational school, they do not have religious instruction per se, but there are nevertheless daily emphasis on the wonders of life through observation of the natural world and its cycles.  As a result, the children come home filled with awe at the beauty and goodness in the world.

One thing that I really appreciate in particular about Song Garden is that Nina and Bryan do everything from their hearts.  They are always radiating warmth and welcome in a way that generates trust with the children and, by extension, the children’s trust in the greater world that surrounds them.  More fundamentally, they created this non-profit in the first place and are tireless in their fundraising efforts so that economically disadvantaged families can participate in this wonderful program, and which would otherwise by inaccessible to them.” Parent, 2009-13