Spring is here and the sweet fragrance of flowers is in the air. The families and extended friends of Song Garden community come together outdoors around the Maypole to sing, dance and eat good food as the musicians play festive tunes. Colored ribbons form both simple and intricate patterns as dancers of all ages cross over and under in rhythmic patterns. Beautiful flower garlands made by parents are worn by the children dressed in white as they sing and swirl around the Maypole and celebrate the beauty of Spring.

Lady Spring
She’s dressed in green,
She wears a primrose gown.
And little baby buds and twigs,
Are clinging to her gown.
The sun shines if, she laughs at all
And if she weeps
The raindrops fall
My Lady Spring, my Lady Spring.


Lantern Walk

We would like to extend a warm invitation to the Song Garden community to join our annual “Lantern Walk” held on the eve of Wed. 11th Nov. @ 5pm.

We will all gather at dusk at the front gates of “Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens” and walk together carrying our lanterns down magical garden pathways and over bridges, and gradually do a loop back to the main gates.

Bring warm clothes, comfortable footwear, and your singing voices. The children will carry lanterns they have made at school and adults may wish to bring a lantern and lighter. The walk will go ahead rain or shine and extended family are most welcome..