may day
Spring is one of our favorite seasons at Song Garden School. The children are learning songs and May pole dances for our May Day celebration. The craft projects are plentiful and may include wet felted chicks, hand-sewing wool rabbits and printing leaf patterns on eggs with natural plant dyes. Together we planted our first pea seeds and brassica seedlings outdoors in the school vegetable garden. The children are helping with ‘slug and caterpillar watch’ on the new brassica plants, marveling at the first slugs and worms in motion and watching the white flowers in the strawberry patch turn to small green strawberries.
Poems, stories and puppet shows speak of  the arrival of the first Spring lambs and baby goats and those busy birds building their nests.
Pussy willows, daffodils and daphne light up our nature table and fill the air with the sweet perfume of Spring. Outside, pink and white plum blossoms beckon the first bees to awaken from their winter sleep.

“Far across the hill and dale
The blossoms of the plum have cast
A delicate pink veil.
So sweet the plum trees smell!
Would that the brush that paints the flower
Paint the smell as well.”